NOCCI Gives Back - Giving Back When Time is Limited

The City of New Orleans is filled with immeasurable spirit and pride. As event planners in this vibrant community, we get to leave our mark by creating unforgettable experiences for all to enjoy. Every once in a while we are able to offer our services as means of giving back to the city we love. It may seem impossible to pick up pro bono work with such a jam-packed calendar, but with a passionate team, anything is possible.

Most recently, we joined a team of industry leaders to create a benefit concert supporting the victims of the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando. With an extremely busy schedule and only one week to turn this vision into a reality, we used our skills and connections to make “NOLA Beats for Orlando” a great success.

NOLA Beats for Orlando Planning Committee

NOCCI's Erin & Ashley with the NOLA Beats for Orlando Planning Committee

When picking up pro bono work, it is extremely important not to overload yourself. You want to give your best to your paying and non-paying clients. As our CEO, Dottie Belletto says, “if you touch it, you own it.” Don’t take on any responsibility you cannot handle.

It is important that you schedule meetings before or after regular business hours. Sometimes this isn’t possible, but you want to refrain from using up too much time of your day. We always divide and conquer responsibilities so that they are evenly spread throughout the team. We also give ourselves a time limit. Allotting a specific amount of time for the pro bono client allows you to prioritize and not become overwhelmed.

Coordinating an event pro bono can be a lot of extra work, but if you have the passion and can manage your time effectively, pro bono events are a great way to involve yourself in the community. 

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