Make Your Event Virtual


There are two major options open to you, IF you decide to go this route:

Hybrid Event: A hybrid event is a tradeshow, conference, unconference, seminar, workshop or other meeting that combines a "live" in-person event with a "virtual" online component. With the growing popularity and cost-effectiveness of virtual events, hybrid events have become a popular way of increasing participation in traditional events at a relatively low cost.

Virtual Event: An occurrence of people gathering together where some or all of the attendees are not physically in the same location but are connected in a common environment. The common environment might be one of many types but is usually enabled through the use of computers and the Internet.

If we had any input, we would vote Hybrid, as it gives a truer conference feel for your attendees.

This being said, nocci would love to help you maneuver through this new territory!

We can:

  • Develop a Budget 
  • Define a Timeline for the Conference
  • Reconsider & Procure the Location
  • Develop Event Marketing Strategies
  • Take care of your Registration
  • Design Conference D├ęcor
  • Implement a high level of Attendee Engagement
  • Vet and Procure all Vendors
  • Highlight Sponsors and Exhibitors Virtually 
  • Manage all aspects of execution of the conference on your chosen site
  • Ensure Security / Data Privacy with all Vendors
  • Post event:
    • Ensuring that the post-event content is online and available.
    • Making sure that your post-event content marketing plan is in place and being implemented smoothly.
    • Preparing and reviewing your post-event metrics reports for online performance.

For more information or inquiry of going virtual with your event please contact:

Nicole Tusa ( - VP Sales & Marketing 

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