How Event Marketing Reigns King

Advertisements... We see them everywhere. Turn on your TV or computer screen and in a matter of seconds one will appear. They are always in your face, but are they always effective?  According to the Event Marketing Institute, 87% of consumers say that events are more effective than commercial advertisements. Live events give the consumer the opportunity to interact with and get to know the product, opposed to just seeing it on a television screen.

Graph showing 87% of consumers think event marketing is more effective than commercials

Experience and event marketing is on the rise and has a huge effect on consumer spending. By hosting an event, your company not only has the opportunity to increase sales, but the opportunity to improve public perception. Giving clients the opportunity to interact face to face with a product is a huge motivator to get people on board for the long run.  Event participants are 65% more inclined to make an onsite purchase and 70% of participants are likely to become regular customers.

Event marketing isn’t only valuable to businesses, but also to communities and the global economy. According to The Meeting Professional's May 2016 article, “Getting The Message Out,” meetings, conventions and trade shows support 66,500 jobs and generate more than $9.3 billion in economic impact in Las Vegas alone.  The effects of event marketing are undeniable and can help elevate your company's success. What are you waiting for? The time to get your message out is now, and we’d love to help get you started!

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