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Scope of Services

Planned, coordinated and executed all events which included:

  • Sand Mandala & Tibetan Bazaar
  • Two Day Workshop (500 attendees)
  • Private Luncheon at Restaurant August (100 attendees)
  • His Holiness’ Public Talks: Morial Convention Center (4,000 attendees); University of New Orleans Lakefront Arena (8,000 attendees)

  • Provided strategic advice and counsel on program and events development
  • Produced and maintain budgets for all events
  • Developed and managed fundraising and outreach plans
  • Provided one (1) Lead Project Manager and one (1) Assistant Project Manager
  • Provided Onsite Staffing and Additional Staffing
  • Coordinated and manage all transportation needs
  • Coordinated the audio/visual needs
  • Coordinated food and beverage & selection of menus
  • Coordinated and Manage all Hotel Needs for: Dalai Lama & Entourage; Conference Attendees; City Wide Attendees