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Scope of Services

  • NOCCI was responsible for coordinating all the logistical needs for the nine events that comprised the overall grand opening.
  • Their responsibilities ranged from building out the parade grounds with staging, tenting and seating to media logistics, as well as stage and celebrity management.
  • NOCCI also coordinated all transportation for celebrity and VIP guests as well as shuttles to all events.
  • NOCCI assisted in securing sponsorship dollars for the event.
  • The planning of this multi-day extravaganza required NOCCI to communicate regularly with the planning committee to ensure that their interests were represented in the events’ programming.

List of Events

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Media Preview Event (75 guests)

Thursday, November, 5, 2009

Media Breakfast (50 guests)
Private Reception with Tom Hanks and the Solomon Family (50 guests)
WWII Grand Opening VIP Gala (500 guests)
Ribbon Cutting & Opening Ceremony (3600 guests)
Armed Forces Lunch (600 guests)
WWII Grand Opening Donor Gala (800 guests)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Family Day Activities (1000-2000 guests)
Evening Event Victory Stomp (1500 guests)